"I love creating and making products with my hands. I believe the importance of providing the right nutrients for your skin. I work with my ingredients and treat them like they are food for you skin!"
Based in Orange County, California Green Ferns was established in 2016 with a vision to provide a quality product that is environmentally friendly. Lam Nguyen, the founder, spent several years in the nail industry and saw a need for a quality skincare product that was free of chemicals. His belief is that his product is no different than food for your body. Therefore, by sourcing the best organic ingredient you are providing essential nutrients to develop a healthy and happy skin.

Lam started developing his products in-home, by hand, using all-natural ingredients that he personally sourced. After several trials, Lam found the right combination of ingredients that was organic, free of chemicals, and free from animal testing. The community loved his product and his scents were amazing! His products help keep your skin stay moisturized throughout the day. One of the unique things about his product is that consumers don't have to use much of it. "A little goes a long way." Consumers now can use less of the product and get the same results as other similar products out in the market.

Today, Green Ferns continues to develop their line of organic skincare that is still handmade! When a customer receives their product from Green Ferns, they will immediately feel the difference and know that each product was put together organically with care and love.